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Why are my windows fogging up?

by donnie harold harris on 03/28/13

 5 Ways to reduce indoor condensation on your windows

So then why do we sometimes see more condensation on the inside of our windows after they’ve been replaced?

Easy.   They are working.

Energy efficient windows might fog up if your humidity is high.

Before when you had those old drafty windows the normal moisture in your home  (from showering, cooking, breathing, etc)  could escape right outside.   Your new, custom sized energy efficient windows are just keeping everything inside.  They are blocking air movement between the inside and outside of your home.  This is good.   They are also lowering your heating and cooling costs,  and keeping you more comfortable in your home.

More importantly, as the temperatures outside get colder and the humidity inside your home increases, you might notice more condensation building up on your windows.    Obviously we can’t control the outside temperatures but we can control the humidity levels in our homes.   So if you have some indoor condensation or you want to make sure you don’t get any, keep reading.

5 Tips for Reducing Indoor Humidity

  1. Turn off your indoor humidifier.
  2. Ventilate your home regularly.  Open it up for a few minutes each day.
  3. Run your exhaust fans more often, and for longer.
  4. Add a basement dehumidifier.
  5. Make sure your clothes dryers are adequately vented.

Remember, if you’re seeing condensation build up between the panes of glass that means your window has failed and it’s time to start thinking about a replacement windows. When this happens call don harris  home improvement for a free, no obligation estimate.   We offer Polarus,  Alside  Brands of replacement window .  We carry low cost / Highly effect  Replacement windows .With the full energy package. Custom designed for any style opening, for every home and our factory direct pricing will save you money. Free inspection and written estimates will be provided. Thganks don

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